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Perihelia 2023 – Day Three

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Three years on from the January when Australia burned, it’s time once again to celebrate ‘Perihelia’ – so named because it marks the three days when Earth makes its closest approach to the Sun. (Which we did this morning, at 3.17 AM Sydney time.)

Today – January 5 – is the third and final day of Perihelia, a day of:

Public promises and commitments made for the coming year by government and business leaders, by local communities, by families and individuals, and a revision of goals – ever upward!

On this day, Perihelia looks forward: how can we do better in the next year than in the one just past? I can not speak for the government, nor for business, and while I am a member of my community, I could not claim to speak for them. I can only speak for myself.

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Perihelia 2023 – Day One

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In early January 2020, Australia burned. It had already burned for months. It would burn for another month – until some of the heaviest rains ever seen doused the flames. In the middle of those fires, with no…

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